The Foreign Resident Registration System has Changed


Due to the abolition of the Alien Registration System and the introduction of a new residency management system, beginning July 9, 2012, foreign residents will now be subject to the Basic Resident Registration Law and will be issued a Resident Card (Not applicable to temporary visitors.)
Please see below for details:

Those Eligible for a Basic Resident Registration Card>

1. Medium – Long Term Residents (Those eligible for a Resident Card)

⇒Those with status of residence exceeding three months(Excluding temporary visitors and those with
a period of stay of less than three months)
2. Special Permanent Residents (Those eligible for special permanent residence certificates)
3. Foreign nationals staying in Japan due to birth or those who have renounced their Japanese
⇒Those giving birth or renouncing their Japanese citizenship

Resident Card and Special Permanent Resident Certificate>

A Resident Card will be issued to all new arrivals or medium-long term residents who have renewed their period of stay. New arrivals will receive their Resident Cards at the airport or point of entry on the same day as their arrival or later on after their residence has been registered by their municipality.

Those with Alien Registration Cards must switch to either a “Resident Card” or a “Special Permanent Resident Certificate.” Applications for “Resident Cards” can be made at an Immigration Bureau and applications for “Special Permanent Resident Certificates” can be made at city hall.

Alien Registration Cards will be recognized as “Resident Cards” and “Special Permanent Resident Certificates” for a brief period and can be used as such. (See below for more details on how long these documents will be recognized as Resident Cards.)

Period of Validity for Recognized Resident Cards

  Those older than 16 Those younger than 16
Special Permanent Residents Until either July 8, 2015 (Heisei 27) or the expiration date of your Alien Registration Card, whichever is later Until your 16th birthday
Permanent Residents Until July 8, 2015 (Heisei 27) Until either July 8, 2015 (Heisei 27) or your 16th birthday whichever is earlier
Medium - Long Term Residents (Other than Permanent Residents) Until the expiration date of your period of stay Until either the expiration date of your period of stay or your 16th birthday, whichever is earlier

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